About Us

JLL08Powell Mountain Bluegrass Band

The Powell Mountain Bluegrass Band* is Bob Catlin, Al Shelley, Jonathan Fast, Claire Winter and Andrea Borning –  exciting musicians who together play traditional bluegrass music in the southern Appalachian style. Their wide variety of material includes lively fiddle tunes, love songs, honky-tonk, mountain ballads, and lightning fast breakdowns played on five-string banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin and double doghouse bass. Added to the wonderful music, you will hear many a strange tale or rib-tickling joke straight out of the peaks and ‘hollers’ of Dogpatch U.S.A.

As if that were not enough, The Powell Mountain Bluegrass Show also features the crowd pleasing dancing of Carol Macaulay done in the time honored Appalachian Flat Footin’ style.

Look for The Powell Mountain Bluegrass Band & Show at festivals, parks, concerts, farmers’ markets, watering holes and back yards throughout the warrens of western Washington – and beyond!

*The name Powell Mountain is taken from a beautiful peak in the Clinch Mountains near Coburn, Virginia; hotbed of traditional bluegrass music.


Photo by Ken Kisch – http://kenkisch.com/